Our story begins in 1960 along the teeny streets of Kottakkal. It was here where our home store,JayaGopal opened offering freshly cut Ayurvedic herbs. Our name was inspired from the Sanskrit word Jaya merged with our ancestor name Gopal.

Few years later, JayaGopal Pharmacy grew into JayaGopal Pharmaceuticals manufacturing a whole range of Ayurvedic products falling into nine categories namely Arishta , Asava, Bhasma, Churna, Gritha, Kashaya, Leha, Rasakriya and Kuzhambu.

We encourage natural and toxic-free wellness to the body and our authentic and renowned Ayurvedic products are the answer to almost every ailment prevalent.

In 2019, JayaGopal Pharmaceuticals concentrated to Pooja Remedies to formulate premium quality powder of all Ayurvedic herb.

Today Pooja Remedies is one of leading pharmaceutical in Kottakkal with a full range of wellness products for mankind. We foresee to conquer a million hearts with the introduction of Ayurveda into their everyday routine and have healthy lifestyle.

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